07 June 2008

Still here

...but very soon, going there. We're on the move again. As I look down below at the previous post, I realize it was written nearly a year ago this same month, and we were also moving. Hopefully once we get a bit settled and have internet access, maybe I might actually blog again? I'd like that.

Anyway, just thought I'd post evidence of the actual moving. These boxes were packed in Ireland, then shipped across the sea in a container, stored in a storage unit in California for the year, and now loaded up on a Budget moving truck and driven to the new home in Colorado. And then we will get to open them! I can't even remember what all is in them...

The actual truck in the photo was driven out a month or so ago. We'll drive a smaller one out with the rest of our belongings, and all of us, in a little over three weeks time. Thought you might enjoy seeing how tall the 13 year old is. Taller than me, he is! And the bench on the ground? My dad built that for us when we lived in Portland, Oregon while they were there visiting... waiting for Ryan to be born. I have an old picture of prego me and my dad sitting on that very bench. And now it's resting in our back garden in Colorado. Life never stays still for long, yes?

We have tons of space in this new house. Come visit us!!!! Cead Mile Failte... always.